Staying Inside and On Task


Thalia Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

The world is going through a pandemic, which most everyone is aware. During this virus, it is very important to practice social distancing or at least somewhere where your contact with people is very low. In these times it can be very easy to get off task and even fall into a depression. This is why it is important to still allow yourself structure even without being in school.

Although we are not currently in school, we still have online homework in order to keep everyone on track for the school year. Many people do not see the purpose of this because we are not in school so why do homework, but doing classes online provides the best option for us as students in this situation. Sleeping in and going to bed at late hours at night can cause the day to feel shorter and make us feel like we do not have time for homework and instead use this time for playing video games or trying to go out with friends. In order to avoid procrastinating homework, setting up a daily routine for yourself can help. Without having in-school classes, we as students do not feel like there is someone pushing us, but we can not just depend on our teachers to motivate us, we have to motivate ourselves. 

This is a very big change for everyone, but it looks like we may be doing this for a while. Going to bed at the time you usually would for school and getting up at the time you would for school on the weekdays helps “add” more time to your day. Make a list of all of your homework for the week with due dates and put it in a place you will see every day. This will help you not avoid it. Creating a schedule or setting a certain amount of time for homework throughout the day will also make the load a little less stressful, or designate a certain number of assignments per day.

It is important to have school time and family time during this world pandemic. There are many things a person can do to stay busy, but students also need to stay on top of their homework. We must all find a way to stay motivated, even if right now the world is going through a hard time.