Ms. Adam: Stepping Up to the Tectonic Plate

Ms. Adam: Stepping Up to the Tectonic Plate

Morgan Moomey, Staff Writer

Mr. Mark Custer is a very well-known teacher at Alliance High School. This is Mr. Custer’s 31st year teaching at APS. With this being said, the end of  2019 threw a wrench into Mr. Custer’s plans. “My absence has to do with a sudden illness that came on. I didn’t have a lot of symptoms other than I had severe headaches that I couldn’t get rid of. So after doing quite a bit of testing they discovered that I had a golf ball-sized tumor that had to be removed. I’m doing very well and I’m on the road to recovery. I’m back to part time, and maybe even a little more before the year is over. I feel really good, and it has been a very, very positive outcome as a result of it,” said Mr. Custer. 

With Mr. Custer’s sudden illness, the school thought it was best to get a permanent substitute for his classes. This permanent substitute is Ms. Micaela Adam. Ms. Adam went to college at the University of Nebraska Omaha and will receive a degree in multidisciplinary studies with an emphasis in biology and chemistry. She began taking over for Mr. Custer in January, at the beginning of the second semester.

From this experience so far Ms. Adam has learned “that I do want to teach and that I like the high school level. I’ve also learned to push myself, and that the student’s grades don’t always reflect me because I can only do so much. I can put all the information out there, but they have to want to receive it. And, not to take things to heart all the time. Obviously, kids are going to say things, they’re kids. I have to remember that.” When asked what the hardest part has been, she said, “When kids don’t do well, or the failing grades; it kills me. The ones that put their heads down, that’s the worst.” 

Ms. Adam feels vast pressure to fill Mr. Custer’s shoes. “Everyone knows who Mr. Custer is. Thankfully, these kids came from physical science, so they can’t compare me too much, unless they’ve had him prior.” According to her, “Students have reacted well. Yesterday, one of my classes mentioned that ‘you’re not a substitute, your our teacher’ so that really warmed my heart.”

Mr. Custer feels that Ms. Adam is doing “Outstanding! She’s going to be a great teacher, and she is a great teacher. She has a great feel for students and how to teach and deliver content. I couldn’t be happier to have her assist me. She is doing outstanding.” 

For Mr. Custer, this experience has been “hard for me because I’m used to being a very active teacher and being on top of things. I’ve had to learn to scale back a little bit so that I can get to all my required treatments and doctors appointments. So, that’s been tough for me, but I’ve learned a great, great appreciation for things that I did take for granted before, but I definitely do not now. It’s been a real eye-opening experience; to see just  how positive things can be in your life and how important it is to be able to focus on the positive. It’s been an adventure and a strange ride, but I’m going to get through fine. I’m looking forward to finishing the year as strong as I possibly can.” 

Everyone at AHS is hoping for a speedy recovery for Mr. Custer, and wishing him good health. And, we are all thankful that Ms. Adam has been able to step up and educate the students when we needed her.