Do AHS Students Actually Study?


Morgan Moomey, Staff Writer

Imagine getting home from school, getting your books and computer out, and actually studying the information that you have learned that day. This may be the goal that we set in our heads, but is this a reality for AHS students?

To find out if studying is truly a part of a student’s routine, a poll was sent out to the students of AHS. Of the 70 responses, 32 students, the majority, said that studying depends on the class that is giving the test or the final. Sixteen students said that they study for nearly all their classes, and 22 students said that they never study. 

Of all the subjects at AHS, science and history classes are the ones that the students say they have to study for the most. The majority of students polled, 42, spend about 1-4 hours a week studying, with the few exceptions of students who study for 4-10+ hours a week. For the 23% of students who do not study at all, I asked them why. Some students said that they feel like they don’t need to study, they only study during finals week, or they simply don’t feel as if they have time. On the other hand, a few students admitted to being “too lazy” to study, or not studying because they procrastinate. 

I also wanted to see if the students at AHS believe that studying helps retain information. The majority of students believe that studying helps you absorb the information because rereading or relearning are important ways to help keep information in your head. But, some students believe that studying is just memorizing answers, and that you either know the information, or you don’t. It was also understood that many students don’t want to study straight out of the book or off their computer, they prefer using a study guide from the teacher or using a Kahoot/Quizlet to learn the information.