Sports From a Manager’s Perspective


Morgan Moomey, Staff Writer

With all the chaos that goes on during a sports season, who keeps book, runs the clock and fills the water bottles? Those people, behind the chaos, are the sports managers. Most sports at AHS have one, if not multiple managers for the team. To understand their perspective, three managers from different sports were interviewed. Those managers include Brooklyn Branstiter, Chloe Mann and Kyndal Paterakis.

Sophomore, Brooklyn Branstiter, was the only manager for the AHS softball team. She managed both her freshman and sophomore year. When asked why she wanted to be the softball manager, Brooklyn replied, “I used to play softball, and then I started to not enjoy playing the game. So, I decided to be the manager because I still wanted to be involved with the sport.” She also was asked what she does as the manager. She responded, “At games, I fill water bottles, write the line up, keep book, and run game changer. At practices, I fill water bottles, set up equipment, run errands, and Mo makes me get the foul balls. At the beginning and end of the season, I also check out the players’ uniforms.” Brooklyn does enjoy being the manager because “…I’m super close with all the girls and they are fun to hang out with. It is fun to be involved in the game, while not having to run triangles.” The final question was if she feels like part of the team, even though she is the manager. Brooklyn responded, “Yes, because the girls interact with me as if I’m another player. We all make jokes and have fun. Without me, Mo would lose his temper.” The AHS softball team is lucky to have such an exceptional manager. 

Sophomore, Chloe Mann, is one of four wrestling managers. When Chloe was asked why she wanted to be the manager, she said, “I was asked to manage my 8th grade year, and I continued to manage for the past two years.” When asked what she does as the manager, Chloe explained her duties as manager by saying, “At tournaments and duels, we take stats, film, and run track wrestling. At practices, we tape mats, clean mats and run errands. We also provide basic first aid for the wrestlers when needed.” Chloe said that she does enjoy being the wrestling manager because “… it is fun to hang out with your friends, and always be able to watch a sport you like. I also enjoy being part of a team.” Chloe also noted that she does feel like part of the team even as a manager because “…without us, the team would be a mess.” Chloe and the other wrestling managers do a great job of keeping the wrestlers in check. 

Junior, Kyndal Paterakis, was one of two volleyball managers. Kyndal wanted to be a manager because “…[it] seemed like it would just be a fun thing to do.” As manager, Kyndal fills the players water bottles, helps shag balls, and keeps book and film. Unlike Chloe and Brooklyn, Kydnal does not have to attend volleyball practices. “I did enjoy managing! Some of my best friends are on the team and watching their highs and lows was a good experience,” replied Kyndal when asked if she enjoyed managing. She also believes that she is part of the team even though she is a manager because “The coaches made us feel like a part of the team. We got warm-ups and shirts that the girls got. The coaches were all so kind to us.” Overall, Kyndal appreciated the opportunity to manage. 

For the sports teams that are lucky enough to have a manager, the coaches and players greatly appreciate what they do. Thank you managers for your dedication to the team!