Seniority, Does It Really Matter?

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Seniority, Does It Really Matter?

Nikki Haller, Staff Writer

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“Seniority.” It is the reason that upperclassmen get the front row in the student section at football games, why they get the back of the bus, and why they get the best parking spots. But the question is, does seniority really matter?

Seniority is the fact or state of being older or higher in position or status than someone else. Seniority is a very common thing that is seen in high school. Some students believe that seniority matters, while others don’t think it does.

Shelbee Burke, an AHS freshman disagrees with seniority being used constantly, “I understand why seniority is used, but it gets annoying. The upperclassmen can be kind of ridiculous with it and sometimes act like it’s the law. I think seniority matters, but it should be used within reasoning. The seniority card should definitely be used when the underclassmen are acting like they are more important than everyone else. I’ve had it used on me multiple times in volleyball, basketball, and even track. When I’m an upperclassmen I don’t think I’ll use the seniority card very often because I know how it feels when it is used on you.”

However, some students feel very differently about seniority.

Julia Carlson, an AHS sophomore agrees with the seniority card, “Personally, I think the seniority card really helps the underclassmen learn their place in high school. Seniority is something that matters because the longer that you’ve been there, the more you’ve had to put up with. You earn a better spot the older you are. Seniority should be used when underclassmen act like they own the place and think that the upperclassmen can’t tell them what to do. The card was used on me multiple times my freshman year and even a few times my sophomore year. I’ve had to use the seniority card a few times on the freshman this year. They don’t belong in the front row at games nor do they belong at the back of the bus on trips.”

So, does seniority really matter? Well, it just depends on who you’re asking. Upperclassmen might say it matters, while underclassmen might say it doesn’t. No matter how you feel, seniority is a part of the high school experience!

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