My Final Farewell


Brielle Alwin, Staff Writer

The reality of senior year coming to an end has officially hit me as I will be graduating in ten days. School is calming down, rehearsals are done, and story ideas are no longer needed. Twenty-three stories later, the final one is being written: a farewell.

My very first day in journalism, I did not feel as if I belonged. It was my first time writing for the Spud and I felt like I was in another country. Most of my classmates had taken this class before and knew exactly what was expected. It took some time before I felt comfortable enough to join the other conversations in the room. Now, I am sure the others wish I would stop talking once and awhile.

During my time as a Spud member, I have made many new and unexpected friendships. All the girls, and Zac, have become a huge part of my life as fourth period is now a mini family to me. Not only have my fellow Spud members influenced me, but so has Mrs. Digmann. She has helped me in so many ways and I know I do not thank her enough for it.

My favorite memory from this year was our trip to state journalism. Just making it to state, especially as a first year writer, was mind blowing. I truly did not believe my stories were good, but making it to state was a little confidence booster. The long journey to and from Norfolk was filled with long lasting memories but it could never beat the feeling of placing at state. Placing fourth place in Newspaper Column Writing was thrilling as I was certain my name would be called for seventh place. Riding home with the medal around my neck helped me realize that stepping out of my comfort zone and trying a new activity was worth it.

Along with this final farewell, I must say goodbye to AHS. Every activity I have participated in has finally ended and all this newfound free time is weirding me out. I am so used to being busy from eight in the morning until almost ten at night every single day that, when I have free time, I begin to panic thinking I am forgetting something.

Saying goodbye to everything and everyone does not feel real. This being my second to last day of high school is frightening yet exciting. Journalism has helped me savor the memories of this past year by writing about them. Only getting to write for a year seemed too short, but this year has helped me shape me into the person I am today.