Is Prom Worth It?


Thalia Gonzalez, Junior Editor

There seems to be no limit on how much money some people can easily spend in a flash when it comes to prom season. Most girls are trying to find the cheapest dress and be money conscious, but that becomes a pretty hard goal when that beautiful dress you ‘only want to try on’ fits so perfectly. After this, things usually tend to go downhill.

For many girls, prom is a very expensive endeavor. Many go and get their hair and nails done, on top of their dress adjustment and jewelry expenses. This is not very cheap because girls easily spend an upwards of fifty dollars on their nails and even more on just getting their hair done.

A dress is also probably the most expensive thing that a girl spends money on. It is easily at least one hundred dollars for a prom dress, mine being three hundred fifty dollars. Plus, when you add the fitting adjustments that many girls need, there is an added about 50 dollars.

Then, don’t forget about prom tickets, in other schools prices may differ but here prom tickets are twenty five dollars. So when you and your date go to purchase your tickets, there goes another 50 dollars. Now the most exciting time of the night, dinner, most people enjoying going out to eat, which can be about forty to fifty dollars for two to eat at a nice venue.

When Brionna Schafer was asked if prom was worth it, she replied very easily. “No, but it is normalized to, so everyone thinks they have to.” Which seems to be true because often times it seems to be a contest on how much you spent on your dress.

Many people go into preparing for prom thinking that it is going to be an easy and non stressful event, but as the days dwindle away, that is truly where stress seems to sit in. Especially with this prom being so close to graduation and the end of the school year.

But, through all of the money and stress, at the end of the night hopefully prom was the time of your life. Dancing the night away, laughing with friends, and looking good while doing it hopefully brings light to all of the darkness you feel like you went through.