The Bachelor

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The Bachelor

Maycee Quick, Staff Writer

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The hit TV show, The Bachelor, is a dating television series where a man, this season: Colton Underwood, gets to know 30 different women. They go on group and solo dates, travel to different countries, and even meet each others’ families. Each episode, Colton gives roses to the women who he thinks he has a connection with, while the other go home. At the end of the season, Colton will get down on one knee and ask for the last woman’s hand in marriage.

Colton Underwood chose Cassie Randolph to be his significant other, ending season 23. It was a rather unusual ending due to the fact that she was very unsure of marriage and their relationship. Still, he chose her, but didn’t ask her to marry him. Surprisingly, they are going to continue dating and taking things slow, something that usually doesn’t happen in the bachelor.

Some people tend to watch The Bachelor for entertainment, while others think it’s absolutely ridiculous to date more than one girl, which in reality, it is. Although that may be a strong opinion among the majority of humans, this show is still popular and watched by many. Its drama and entertainment aspect attracts the public, therefore, increasing the amount of viewers.

Viewers are mainly girls. McKenzie Robinson, a sophomore at AHS, watches the show and says, “I think that it is super interesting to think you can find and get engaged to someone in such a short amount of time.” Elise Stoike, a senior, says she likes the show because of the drama. “I think it is staged for some parts but real for others. The drama makes for good TV.”

You can find girls in high school classrooms discussing the last drama filled episode throughout the course of the season, and you can see most boys rolling their eyes. Those boys don’t pay attention to the show, but when they do, they think it’s silly. McClain Adamson says that it’s dumb and pointless because multiple girls go after one guy, and he wonders how any girl could possibly be okay with that. Nicholas Campos says that it is boring. “It’s just a long and drawn out show to see who the guy is gonna pick even though he’s probably got a clear idea on day one.”

There are many opinions about The Bachelor, ranging from its uniqueness to drama filled to just ridiculous. Either way, it’s a show that will continue to be popular. In fact, there is already a chosen bachelorette for next season. Despite the fact that Hannah Brown, season 24’s Bachelorette, will be dating numerous men at once, it will still be a hit. People will take part and watch, either entertained or displeased.

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