AHS Booster Club

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AHS Booster Club

Nikki Haller, Staff Writer

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The AHS Booster club is an organization made up of parents of students or anyone that wants to support AHS activities. Through school athletics students learn discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, and respect. All of which can be linked into everyday life and helps in students’ physical and emotional development. With the Booster club supporting these activites it’s helping students learn all of these fundamentals.

Athletics are one of the main segments in our school that the AHS Booster club helps benefit. They do fundraisers to raise money, then apply those funds to different things such as helping to feed teams from out of town who travel long distances after a game, help buying equipment for teams and help with other types of costs associated with AHS activities. The AHS Booster club raises money for any interest they might have by doing donations, membership fees, and fundraising.

Sherri Stoike, the president of the freshman class says, “The main fundraiser we did was the raffle, we had over 30 donors. We want to thank all of the parents, athletes and community members who purchased a ticket along with the donors. We have also donated many things to AHS, but the four main big donations include the bulldog costume, donating to ‘Save The Track,’ donating the scoreboards to the wrestling program and the record boards. For the first time in awhile, the AHS Booster club will be running the concessions for the track meets that we will be holding. We are pretty excited about that.”

Member’s include any parent who has a child in AHS athletics, or a community member who has paid for a membership. The membership levels include; Gold for $60, Silver for $40, and Bronze for $25.

Each class has its own presidents, the freshman presidents are Troy and Sherri Stoike. The sophomore presidents are Kurt and Tracy Lambert. The junior presidents are Chris and Kari Farrior and the senior presidents are Janelle Rolls and Brian and Debbie Wilson. Some of the responsibilities of the members include helping with fundraising, and helping decide on where or what the Booster club’s money is spent on, and many more things that help benefit AHS athletics.

The AHS Booster Club is a very beneficial organization to our school, the club is always open for new members to join. All you have to do is get a hold of a Booster Club member and pay the membership fee, which is worth it to help out your local highschool.

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