Scouting for the Cure

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Scouting for the Cure

Brielle Alwin, Staff Writer

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For the last seven years, the Girl Scouts of Alliance have held a “Scouting for the Cure” event where chemotherapy kits are made for patients battling cancer. Girl Scouts from all over the panhandle gather to learn the process of beating cancer. They make donations, write inspirational quotes in journals, and listen to the stories of cancer survivors.

The Scouting for the Cure event was created to help prosper the memory and legacy of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts in the United States, who died of breast cancer in 1927. For the first six years of this event, it was focused solely on breast cancer, but this year, the event was inclusive to all cancer types in children and adults.

The chemotherapy kits are filled with granola bars, chapsticks, lotion bottles, Girl Scout cookies, knitted hats, water bottles, coloring books, colored pencils, and kleenexes. The kits are sent to cancer patients all over the panhandle, as well as some out of state, to help make the life in a hospital a little more comfortable.  

Krista Blumanthal, the creator of this event, decided to address all cancers so they could help even more patients. She said “We do this event to teach the girls to not be afraid of cancer. This is a way for them to be connected and helpful to cancer patients.” The scouts love doing this event as they know how much they are helping those who need the extra comfort.

The Girl Scouts participated in multiple stations including: inspirational rock making, quote books, cancer note cards, scented necklaces, and the photo booth. They also got to make foot scrubs, pain relief lotion cubes, and lip balm.

After their stations, the girls got the chance to listen to cancer patient survivors as they told their cancer journeys. The storytelling was then opened up to a Q&A session. Once the speakers has concluded, Debby Wagner, winner of “Voice of the Valley”,  provided live music for the scouts to sing and dance.

The Scouting for a Cure event has helped cancer patients through their chemotherapy treatments countless times. These kits have made the tough recovery process better and easier. Not only does this event help the patients, but it also teaches young girls of all ages more about paradox that is cancer.

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