Why You Should Get Your Nails Done


Thalia Gonzalez, Junior Editor

There is no doubt that some people are in love with getting their nails done. Getting your nails done is a great way to make yourself feel pampered and sassy. Let’s be real, once you have your nails done you feel on top of the world. Anytime you talk, there go your hands showing off those long acrylics.

Although getting your nails done is one of the best luxuries for a woman (or a man), it’s usually pretty expensive. Just to get your nails done, you spend around $50 or even more, but it worth it after being pampered for around 45 minutes. Beautifully groomed hands and painted nails are associated with powerful women. Women are happier and more “powerful” when they feel good and are well taken care of.

But, nail care isn’t only grooming anymore, it’s also self-expression. Everyone who gets their nails done choose certain colors, certain designs and certain shapes that fit their character. People express themselves through their nails, whether they are a simple pink or very long bright yellow. Getting your nails done is also a way to create new bonds with people. Some people enjoy going alone, just sitting back to relax and enjoy the pampering, but others go with a friend or family member and it helps people talk and create stronger bonds.

There are so many reasons to enjoy getting your nails done, Mikayla Moreno, a junior, explains, “Getting your nails done is a way to express your uniqueness, and they are really pretty and make you feel good.” Women are always expressing themselves through what they wear and how they do their hair, so you might as well express yourself through your nails.

So, if you don’t realize the craze over getting your nails done, then maybe you should go in and get a manicure, or even a pedicure, just to see how luxurious the whole experience is. Have a little fun, take a friend with you, and enjoy the experience.