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Nikki Haller, Staff Writer

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When two people get married, they expect to stay together forever. But sometimes people’s feelings change over time, even when they have children together, whom they both love. A couple may realize they might be happier apart then they are together, so they choose to get divorced. This is never an easy decision.

Divorce can be painful for parents, but eventually they start to heal. A divorced parent may even meet someone new that he or she would like to live with or marry. This means adding a parental figure into the home.

Adding new people in your life, or a child’s life, can be the biggest blessing, or the biggest strain. Some might adjust to them right away, or it might take some time to get used to them.

After asking the students of AHS how they felt about their step-parent, and what some of the positive things were about having a step-parent. Most replied with that they liked their step-parent, and listed off some of the positives.

Jaxon Preble, a sophomore, said “I like my step-dad because he’s given me an amazing life and I am thankful for that. We get along because we have the same personality and find each-other funny. Some positive things about him are that he has changed my life for the better and filled the place that my real father left behind. Troy has given me the best life I could ever imagine and he is such an amazing person.”

Lydia Hauger, a sophomore, also said “I like my step-mom because we get along because she just gets me. We have a better bond than my original mom and I. A positive thing about her is that she makes my family so much better.”

No matter how your new family came to be, chances are there’ll be some challenges along the way. But even if things start off a little rocky, they still can, and probably will, improve as you and your new family members get to know each other better.

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