Standards of Teaching


Thalia Gonzalez, Junior Editor

Teachers are a huge part of just about everyone’s lives, but their jobs seem to drift apart from others in many ways. Teachers are around students all day, therefore many standards are much different than any other job seeing as they have to be around children. Teachers are supposed to broaden their students minds and make a difference in their lives both academically and socially. It doesn’t say specifically in their contract that they need to make a difference in each students life, but this is just a standard they are expected to meet. As a student, I can say that the best teachers I have had so far throughout my education are the ones that have actually gotten to know me and understand me, not just as a student, but as a person.

When most people think of teachers, they don’t think about their lives outside of school. Teachers are people too, so yes, this means that just like any other adult, they probably go out with friends and enjoy a drink every once in a while. To some this is weird to think about because when you think of your teacher you only think about them teaching and worrying about school work or their students. But, just like any other person, teachers also enjoy going out and having a night with friends or family.

When I asked my dad, Tony Gonzalez, one day why there seemed to be a tip jar at his work he replied with “well, that’s our beer fund.” So, at our local 21st Century there is a beer fund jar sitting right on the front counter. This got me wondering about the different expectations and standards of certain jobs.

To most people this doesn’t bother them, it seems normal. A bunch of adult workers at a parts shop having a “beer fund” is funny and casual. Imagine, however, if a teacher would do this? Yes, we are in a school setting, but if one adult is “allowed” to have a tip jar and buy drinks after closing time, then why couldn’t teachers? Teachers have lives outside of their work just like any other job.

Unfortunately, for a teacher this would probably be seen as inappropriate and they would more than likely be asked to remove their jar from their classroom. Although this seems casually normal for some jobs, some might think differently of a teacher if they were to walk into a classroom to see a “beer fund” sitting on their desk. Really, thinking that teachers don’t do the same things as other adults is just a standard we have made up in our minds. Teachers are people too, and just like students have their separate lives from school, so do teachers.