In With The Old, Out With The New


Thalia Gonzalez, Junior Editor

As more and more old trends settle in to be today’s “new trends,” one major product making a huge comeback has been the polaroid camera. Having an instant picture in your hand has never been so easy! Well, except for in 1948 when the first instant polaroid was made.

When smartphones first started hitting the market people were very excited to have easy compact “cameras” right at their fingertips. They could take as many pictures as they wanted and would not have to worry about using too much film, but this did not last for long. Teens are especially loving the polaroid trend because it fits the aesthetic (style), which is a huge trend. Lately it is all about aesthetic, whether it be in how you decorate or in the clothes you wear.

When I asked Elise Stokie, a senior, what she thought about polaroids, she responded by saying “They’re an instant memory of a sudden moment that can slip away so fast if not captured.” She also added, “I have a wall full of polaroids in my room that I constantly look to to remember fun times when I am feeling a little low.”

All around, you can see a little bit of classic trends sneaking back into today’s society. Yes, we are putting spins on things making it more “this generation,” but in all reality teens often hear their parents or even grandparents stating how “We had that back in my day!”  Just like in today’s polaroid cameras, they are sleek, more compact than older models and have a very pleasing look to them.

There is no doubt that this generation is different from our older generations, but in some ways it feels like things, such as a polaroid camera, bring us a little closer. Many people love the instant pictures you can save and post online from your smartphone, but those images don’t seem as important as ones you can hold in your hand, hang up, and look at everyday. This seems way more appealing than them just sitting in your gallery on your phone, never getting used until it happens to be one of your friends’ birthday, and you just have to write a happy birthday post.

Sometimes, instead of trying to invent something new, or come out with a phone that takes better pictures and has more megapixels, going back to the basics is awesome.