My Monthly Issue: Love Struck

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My Monthly Issue: Love Struck

Zachary Placek, Staff Writer

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February is known as the month of love due to its annual holiday. Valentine’s Day is adored by almost every woman ever. Usually when people think of Valentine’s Day, they think of the day itself. The 11 girls in my class; however, made it the focal point of all of their conversations.

This month, I overheard the girls of my class having many conversations about their individual statuses leading up to the 14th. I came to the conclusion whether a girl is in a relationship, single, or in a complicated predicament, they will always stress about this special day.

The girls in relationships talked about what they got their significant other or what they thought they would get, if anything. Sometimes, I think that these girls just get their hopes up too high and are usually disappointed with their gift. Either way, you’ll always see a snapchat story saying how “blessed” they are.

The month of love always seems awkward when around single girls. One day, I overheard a particular girl say, “Ugh, I just need a boyfriend, guys.” Single girls tend to complain about their status and how the only gift that they will receive is from their parents. The only thing I have to say is that the gifts from their parents are usually the best because parents aren’t cheapskates like highschool boys. Just sayin’.

I think everyone feels bad for the girls that are in a “complicated” scenario. They don’t even know what’s going on in their “relationship”. Some of them may be “talking” to someone and don’t know whether they should celebrate Valentine’s Day or not. While others may be just recently dating and don’t know if it is too soon to get their significant other a gift. Unfortunately, some girls are confused as to if the guy even likes them back. I belonged to this category, but the guy’s side of it, of course. I have been talking to this one girl and didn’t know if or what I was supposed to get her. I related to the confusion that the girls felt and the worries about getting a gift. Everything went well though.

Besides the Valentine’s Day drama, class has been pretty uneventful. One day, Digmann was gone so the class jammed out to childhood TV show intros, which slowly turned into random children’s songs. I have to admit it was pretty fun and I joined in. The sub might have thought we were crazy, but she didn’t mind it. I think most people are relieved Valentine’s Day is in the past, until next year rolls around.

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