Are you too old?


Thalia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Halloween is finally here, which means a lot of candy and trying to find the perfect costume. Almost every kid will say how much they love Halloween. Everyone gets to dress up as anything they want and then go get piles of free candy; however, is there a time when is it no longer acceptable to dress up and walk door to door asking for candy? How old is too old to go trick-or-treating? I asked the students of Alliance High School just that.

By sending out a survey to all of our high school, I have compiled percentages as to what age is too old to go trick-or-treating:



Senior, Tyler Quick responded, “No one is ever too old to go trick-or-treating whether they go with their siblings or other young children in their families.” This was one of the ways a lot of people answered.

Tristan Bleisch, a junior, responded, “Halloween is a time for everyone to have fun.”

While many responded that you can never be too old, there are some students who believe there is an age limit when it comes to trick-or-treating.

Tilie Vaughn, a junior, said, “I think 16 is too old to trick or treat because at that time you have a lot of people looking at you as an older kid or teenager in the community and so it ends up being a bit discouraging if you show up to a house and they ask, ‘aren’t you a little too old to be trick or treating?’”

One of our foreign exchange students, Riccarda Manhart said, “It’s my first year of Halloween because in Switzerland we don’t celebrate Halloween . But I would say 18 and older because when I think about how it would be to have a 30 year old person in front of my door wanting some candy, that would be so strange.”

Overall, most of the students either said 18 or older is too old, or that you are never too old to trick or treat. Usually after junior high teens start going to Halloween parties instead, but some still get dressed up to have a little fun and get free candy. We all have a different look at what age is too old, because there really is not a certain age in which people are told that they have to stop trick-or-treating.