A New Addition to the Century Club


Shelbee Burke, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Being a part of the “century club” in AHS wrestling is a goal that many wrestlers have, but few are able to achieve. Only nineteen Alliance High School wrestlers have achieved 100 career wins prior to this year, and on January 28, senior Tory Picket Pin became the twentieth, with a win against Gothenburg’s Carsen Farr. When he earned this win at the Gothenburg tournament, the Alliance fans in attendance erupted into cheers and all had signs to commemorate his achievement.

In regards to earning his hundredth win, Picket Pin remarked, “I always knew this could be an accomplishment but that’s never what I set out to do at first. [It] just came with the journey.” After winning the match, he knew he had just achieved 100 career wins and was excited, but he “wrestled that one like any other match.” He noted after winning, “I looked at my family while I got my handheld up.”

Picket Pin has been wrestling since he was three years old. He has dedicated fourteen years of his life to competing in this intense sport, and it has paid off tremendously for him. He was able to accomplish this through “hours of work and preparation.” He continued saying he has also been “staying coachable at every level and focusing on the details. It’s just been a grind.” Not every aspect of this journey has been easy though. Picket Pin remarked, “Yeah, I’ve slipped up here and there but not quitting is the big one. And of course, making sure I always have fun in the sport at the end of the day keeps me going.” 

Head Coach Nick Myers, who has been coaching Picket Pin for years, said, “I’ve been in [his] corner for 8 years.” Myers explained Picket Pin’s achievement saying, “It’s gratifying to see [Picket Pin’s] dedication and consistency payoff in a milestone.” He said he was happy that Picket Pin was able to earn this achievement when his parents were in attendance and when there were numerous Alliance fans there. Myers noted, “ I had a pretty good idea it was going to happen that day.”

Alliance High School and the community of Alliance is extremely proud of Picket Pin for what he has been able to accomplish so far this year. His season is not over yet, and Picket Pin is continuing to work hard on and off the mat. He explained, “[I have] been having great practices but also stepping up in school also. Trying to be all-around a better student-athlete is helping my confidence.” He continued, “Staying calm and always focusing on what has to be done for me to walk away Friday and Saturday with my head up.” Congratulations on this phenomenal accomplishment! The Spud wishes you the best of luck in the remainder of your final season wrestling as a bulldog.