Wrestling Preview


Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

Winter sports have begun at Alliance High School. That means wrestling is starting as well. The wrestlers have been working out and pushing themselves for this season. Some of the wrestlers participated in off season wrestling. Summer wrestling went really well. There were also camps available for the boys to attend. They also did a team retreat with the Alliance Fire Department. Their first meet will be December 3. 

Coach Myers is hoping to continue to eliminate distraction and see them really focus on wrestling. He is also hoping for the wrestlers to reach their potential. Everyone is hopeful to make it to state and Myers believes there are a few boys who have the potential to make it to Omaha. This year’s  returning varsity wrestlers are: seniors, Tory Picket Pin and Zane Stoike and sophomores, Ben Cassat-Reina, and Mathias Benzel. Seniors want to give it there all this season but also want to just have fun. The freshman wrestlers are Logan Hubbel, Jackson Bailey, Ryan Swanson, Brenden Watts and Jarron Santos. 

All the wrestlers like and appreciate this year’s new assistant coach, coach Buster. When Coach Myers was asked about the loss of their manager Kimber Romick he stated, “We rely on their managers more than many other sports to help with all stats. So, it was truly devastating to lose a valued member of the team. You can never truly replace a person. We are honoring her with some of the insignia on the team gear this year.” Kimber truly enjoyed being the team manager and had told Myers this on several occasions. Losing a beloved member of the team has proved to be a struggle. However, now that the season started, the team has yet to face their toughest battles with losing. Despite the tragic loss of Kimber, the wrestlers are still hopeful for a great season.