Rolling in for the Win Bowling Districts 2021


Tatum Bossell, Staff Writer

The Alliance High School bowling team has had a great start to this season. The bowlers are soon to go to districts on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at Bowl Mor Lanes in Alliance, NE. Coach Laura Mangas started her journey in college doing competitive bowling. Joeseph Mangas, the other bowling coach, did bowling during high school.
Mrs. Mangas said Abigail Louden, Noah Drew, Brexten Kimmel, Alex Montgomery, Micheal Zuniga, Tyler Jensen, Moises Garza, Daulton Mangas, Meagan Morgan, Rhonda Clark, Sara, and Ian Gomez made the bowling team. Tyler Jensen, Moises Garza, Daulton Mangas, Meagan Morgan, and Rhonda Clark will bowl during districts.
When asked how the bowlers are preparing, Mrs. Mangas stated, “We have been working on picking up our spares with a strong emphasis on the 7-pin, 10-pin, and splits. In addition, we are continuing our work with hitting a consistent mark on the lane, ball speed for lane conditions and rolling off the hand consistently.” Senior bowler, Rhonda Clark, stated, “prepping for districts is going well, [to state] just hard sometimes to remember that we are a team and not just one person can take us all the way.” Clark had also said, “I would say it’s hard to stay focused sometimes and remember your every detail of your approach to throw the ball correctly.”
The bowlers are very nervous to start districts but are excited to bowl! The bowlers have been working very hard this season to accomplish their goals. Mrs. Mangas and the team is excited to see the bowlers try to make it to state. Mrs. Mangas said the bowlers do a really good job and she is excited to see what they have to accomplish at districts. The SPUD wishes the AHS bowling team luck at districts!