Spartan’s Recap


Cynthia Wing, Staff Writer

This year, the Spartan’s first game for juniors was May 15. The juniors were 32-15-1. The first game for the seniors was also May 15th. Varsity was 43-13. The seniors that played last season were Chase King, Chase Boyer, Mario Garza, Brantz Halouska, Jakob Callan, Caeson Clarke and Aj Escamilla. The head coach for the Spartan’s is Carlos Palamo, who is usually called Coach Mo. This is his seventh year coaching baseball and fourth year coaching in Alliance. The other three years he was coaching, he was an assistant coach in Gering. 

Seth Morrison, one of the baseball players, has been playing since he was six years old. His position was pitcher on varsity and shortstop and pitcher on juniors. His favorite part about baseball is the atmosphere of the game, whether that’s his teammates or the fans. He stated, “The rides to out of town games were never boring, the hotel stays and playing the game with them. We all are very close.” Morrison was mostly excited to play with his teammates and make a run for a state title. “We all knew we had a chance at the beginning of the year,” he stated. Getting into shape with basketball, the off-season practice and just mentally preparing for the season helped him prepare for baseball season. 

Palamo grew up in Gering, Nebraska. He played baseball in highschool and college. Previous coaches helped him want to participate and “previous players, role models” got him started with the passion for baseball. He then started getting his General Education at WNCC and played baseball there. Later, he transferred to Kearney and finished his career there. He decided to pursue physical education. His degree is health in PE K-12.

When asked what or who made him interested in coaching for this sport, he said that it comes down to role models growing up and who he had in his life. It got him into PE and coaching “in general.” His two college coaches at WNCC and UNK were a huge influence on him. Seeing the impact they had on kids, inspired Palamo to do what he is doing now.  Palamo wanted to become an athletic trainer but he did not want to go through chemistry. So, he went a different route and “PE just so happened to be the route.”

Mentally staying engaged and focused on what they control, but understanding their routine everyday, helped them prepare for this past season.  “We play a lot of games, but everyday we start in the weight room. It was definitely a grind for the kids. Trusting the process and buying in from day one. It’s a grilling season. But, I think it will help us for post-season play.”

When asked what he loves most about coaching baseball, he explained, “It is a game of failure. I think that’s what makes it so fun at times. You can be on cloud nine at times, everything is going right for you, but as soon as something goes wrong and you fail, it can really challenge you as a person.” It’s very similar to life, so you have to keep fighting and moving forward. He said,“Understanding the positive impact it can have on kids,” when asked how do you think you impact your players. “There are going to be tough times that kids go through and I think it can relate to a lot of kids that it does get better. They keep their nose to the grindstone and keep moving forward.”

Palamo stated, “There’s a few that stand out. The one that comes to mind is the Gering game. There is a hype and anticipation going in that game. Gering was heavily favored. Just understanding who they were going to pitch. They threw us a kid who was undefeated, and hasn’t lost yet. Just preparing for him at that moment, the way we were able to compete, I think that really showed me the confidence that– Hey we can go out on a run!” when asked what was his best game this last season. The first game at state, they were down versus Arlington. They didn’t give up, and found a way to score the last inning and go on a run. They ended up winning a tied game, 3-2. “I think those are the two games that I feel really propelled and give us  more confidence,” he noted. 

These past four years in Alliance they have won 3 district championships, and two state runner ups. The Spud applauds the Spartans and wishes them luck for next season.