Let Down?


Tucker Hill, Staff Writer

Both parties have their own opinions on the weekend’s big fight that wasn’t exactly what they expected it to be. Floyd “Money” Mayweather, who now has an impressive 48-0 record, is taking a lot of heat due to his performance Saturday night. Pacquiao fans, and even some Mayweather fans, are disappointed. All of the hype that was built up was slowly destroyed as the rounds went on. Both fighters showed their talents and specialties as the twelve rounds went on. Mayweather, fighting his expected defensive style, won the fight with scores of 116, 116, and 118 from the three judges, Burt Clements, Glen Feldman, and Dave Moretti. Pacquiao received scores of 112, 112, and 110. After the fight, Mayweather said, “Pacquiao definitely had his moments in the fight. As long as I moved on the outside, I was able to stay away from those. He’s a really smart fighter…My dad wanted me to do more, but I had to make my time. Because Manny Pacquiao is a competitor, an he’s extremely dangerous.” The Pacquiao team revealed after the fight that he had injured his right shoulder in April while training for this fight. Manny said that he reinjured his shoulder during the fourth round of the fight. He will undergo surgery for a torn rotator cuff, this meaning that he will be out for nine months up to a year.

The fight did however live up to it’s expectations in revenue. Estimates of the total amount were around $300 and $400 million, with pay-per-view orders being the mass majority of the money. DirecTV sold 1.15 million PPV’s, Dish sold 500,000, and AT&T and Verizon’s mobile broadcasting systems combined to sell 600,000. Cable companies made up only 60% of the sales. A final estimate of pay-per-view buys was 5.625 million. Ticket sales sold out within the first five minutes of selling. Tickets prices were as insane as people would have guessed. The cheapest seats were listed at $4,116 with a median price of $9,218. Floor seats in the arena started at $22,441. A ringside seat for the fight cost a whopping $250,000.

After the fight, rumors started about there being a rematch, but the truth came out after Mayweather revealed that he will be retiring after his next fight in September of this year. His competitor hasn’t been decided on yet, however Amir Khan (30-3) and Miguel Cotto (39-4) have been the ones to keep an eye out for.