Light Heavyweight Champ Facing Felony


Tucker Hill, Staff Writer

Early Sunday morning, a hit and run accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico is raising a lot of buzz. UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones is being investigated as the driver in this accident. Police reports say that a silver SUV made an illegal turn at a red light, hitting a passing car and knocking that car into a third vehicle. The reports also say that witnesses saw a man exit the SUV and flee on foot, return to the SUV, grabbing a large hand full of money, and putting it in his pants, and running off. Inside the vehicle, police investigators found a marijuana pipe with marijuana in it. Only one person suffered from minor injuries, a pregnant 25-year-old woman who remains unidentified.

Jon Jones is one of the UFC’s biggest stars. With records of 21-1 in MMA and 15-1 in the UFC, he is the top-ranked fighter in the US. Aside from the athletic side of Jones, he has problems with drugs. Jones entered a rehabilitation center in January after testing positive for cocaine in a drug test that was administered by the Nevada Athletic Commission. After one day in rehab, he checked himself out. After testing positive for the drug, he answered questions for the press to try and clear his name. In an interview with Fox Sports 1, Jones said, ”I had done it quite a few times in college, I had experimented with it, but that’s really it. It has never been an issue.” In other interviews with ESPN, Jones said, ”I don’t know what came over me to make such a poor choice, but I did and now I live with it. The whole situation has been embarrassing. Cocaine is such a dirty drug. I’ve had to explain to so many people that I’m not a cocaine addict, I’m not even a frequent user. I just made a really dumb decision. I really got caught with my pants down in this whole situation, and there’s no excuse for it.”

An Albuquerque police spokesperson, Tanner Tixier, said the woman involved the accident was taken to the hospital immediately as a precautionary measure. The only injury that she suffered from was a broken arm. Tixier also told reporters that an Albuquerque judge needs to sign off on an arrest warrant for Jones. Jones could spend a maximum penalty of three years in jail plus fines. His penalties with the UFC and MMA will be released after the judge makes his final decision.