Benefits of Offseason Practice

Benefits of Offseason Practice

Brooklyn Branstiter, Editor

Students everywhere who are involved in sports are familiar with offseason practices. Some athletes dread these and see these practices as a burden and waste of their time. Others see these practices as a way to better themselves and rush to them to start the season off early. Attending these practices allows athletes to improve their overall athletic performance which will keep the athletes in shape. All of the best athletes have a common secret weapon – going to offseason practices.

Athletes are constantly improving their skills and becoming more advanced, but returning back to the basics during the offseason can prove to be extremely beneficial. Having a strong foundation behind skills is what allows the athletes to compete and play to their full potential as well as gain greater amounts of skill over time. Although these practices may not be as intense as in-season practices, they are just as important. Slowing down the intensity of practices allows athletes to focus more on getting the basics down and ease into playing regularly. Slowing down will also allow the body some time to recover and gain strength.

Coaches have many responsibilities when it comes to offseason practices as well. The coaches need to ensure that their athletes do not lose interest in the sport, or “burn out.” One way to stop these things from happening is to consistently rotate workouts and team exercises. Keeping the athletes engaged and motivated during the offseason creates a promising look of success during the season.

There are many other benefits to the off-season besides staying in shape. Members of the team have the opportunity to spend more time together and mingle outside of games. Team chemistry is a major factor that plays into the team’s success. Getting along with fellow athletes on and off the game field, court, or lane, will create a stronger sense of comradery and communication, leading to an easier win. 

Getting back into the season can be one of the most exciting things about the sport. Getting in good shape and getting psyched up with teammates makes athletes even more excited to get started. Although going to offseason practices may take some time out of your personal life. Taking that time pays off immensely and always ends up being an experience to remember.