Saying Goodbye to the Last Four Years


Maycee Quick, Editor

To say the least, I am proud of the last 12 years of my life. I have set goals and chased my dreams. I have been heartbroken, but I have also learned the greatest of lessons. I would not change anything from the past 12 years. It has all made me into the woman I am today. 

Of course, since I was a freshman, I have been counting down the days until graduation. I have always looked forward to the future and all that it holds, and here I am now, almost there. My senior year, however, is a lot different than what I expected. COVID-19 is one big plot twist in my story, but plot twists are what make a story interesting. COVID-19 is a challenge that many seniors are having to face, and it will truly make or break you. For me, I appreciate the freedom. My room is clean, and my desk is actually organized. Who would have known? I picked up a coloring sheet and colored it, and I played football with my seven year old nephew. This quarantine is showing me how sweet the simple things are. 

If you know anything about me, you know that I never see my dad. He is a hard working man who is always on the road for his job. Well, because of this virus, I have actually seen him longer than a week straight. In fact, it has been months straight. This is a blessing I have always wished for. It is a lot different than the life I am used to. I am used to seeing him rarely, sometimes not even on the holidays, but recently he has been home all the time and I got to spend Easter with him. 

Yes, this quarantine is hands down one of the biggest setbacks and disappoints I have experienced. I was looking forward to graduating in person, and I actually miss school and a set routine. Being a senior, there have been a lot of things taken away from me. Everything is different, but different isn’t always bad. I am learning more about myself than I ever have. 

During these times, I have realized how to truly be optimistic no matter what obstacles are in my way. I am seeing the goodness in what is happening. I get to spend every day with my family, and I get to learn about myself in new ways. I get to challenge myself to stay motivated and inspired with everything. I see now how important it is to be selfless, even if it is as simple as staying home. 

I didn’t want to make my senior farewell all about the coronavirus, but here we are. High school has been fun, and I am looking forward to my next journey. I will always miss my “old friends,” but I am excited to make more. I don’t regret a thing about the last four years, and I am thankful for it all. This chapter of my life is almost over, but I am excited to write the next one. I will miss those halls, those teachers, and I will especially miss cheering for the best crowd in the world. AHS, thank you for everything. If there was any advice I could give anyone, it would be to remember that life is what you make it.