I’m a Senior


Maycee Quick, Editor

Welp, I am a senior. I’d have to say it’s been quite stressful. Being a dual credit student and involved with clubs and cheerleading is quite overwhelming, but worth it. I have heard past seniors say how easy and smooth senior year is, but I’d have to disagree. Cheer practice, games, scholarships, trying to choose a major… It’s been pretty rough. 

I have practice every day from 4-6 p.m. and then go home and do my homework. I have never had as much homework as I do now because of my college classes. I have yet to feel accomplished because no matter how much homework I get done, I always have more. Senior year is a lot different than my other high school years because I am never at the school. I am either at home, WNCC, or cadet. A part of me is beginning to forget what it feels like to be a high school student, so I am lucky I am still involved in cheerleading and clubs. If not, then I certainly wouldn’t feel like a real high school student. However, a plus side to my overwhelming schedule is that I am learning to not be a procrastinator and to be more positive and productive. 

Aside from my crazy schedule, being a senior hasn’t made me sad. I see a lot of other seniors struggling with the fact that this is their last year, but that hasn’t hit me yet. As of right now, I am excited to graduate and begin my life. I am sure when graduation comes around I will feel it more, but right now I’d say I’m doing pretty well. It is all just bittersweet, so I am enjoying each moment as it passes. I think that since I am focusing so much on my future, like applying for scholarships and getting enrolled into college, that I am thinking more into the future than the present, which is making me work harder and bringing me more excitement for what’s to come. 

I am proud of how far I’ve come and all the obstacles I have conquered. I am achieving a lot of my goals that I set as a young girl, and I have overcome so many hardships. I rejoice in the fact that I am constantly growing and becoming a better person. My life has never been as different as it is now, but at the same time, it has never been as good.