Fake News


Violeta Roca, Staff writer

Since the existence of social networks, news is able to get around much faster than it used to, but because of this speed, fake news is passed around through social networks countless times before it has time to be denied or for people to give better information about the problem. Do you believe all the things you read on social media?


There are a lot of issues with fake news. Information can be provided without control if the sources that are providing it are not considered trustworthy or are official websites. The bad thing about social media is that everyone can talk about what they want and post it, without the need for that source of information to be verified. For this reason people should contrast the information they found with safe and unbiased sources. It’s fundamental to learn how to be critical of what you read, and also consider the responsibility of how far the news can go and all the damage it can cause. 


There is also a problem with the exaggeration of news, which is not very relevant news. The fear and exaggeration of people adding facts that are not real lead to completely changing the principle information from a news story, and create fake news. All of this can lead to misinformation and fake solutions, which in the end result in more harm than the original problem. 


In today’s society, a lot of people believe all they read on social media and then retweet,  spreading the information through social media which creates fake facts. People then believe these facts and continue to spread them until someone proves it to be untrue. However, this fake news that has been spread could be causing a lot of damage in society while is not disproved. For example, information for a fake cure that can worsen the disease or spread it faster. 


Famous people like politicians or celebrities and the media can have a huge impact because of what they say if it is not well verified. This misinformation  can even be a weapon to change opinions or people’s minds, it can also indoctrinate what they think because the people stop using their judgments.


Rumors of fake news can end in panic and confusion for the people. This leads to people carrying out unnecessary acts, which can hurt other people. For example, depleting the necessary resources for certain people with special needs or some illnesses.