Field Hockey

Violeta Roca, Staff writer

There are different types of hockey, but only a few differences between them. However some types have more in common than others. It may sound weird to you but not all of them use skates and the same stick. Did you know that field hockey is played on grass?


In some parts of Catalonia, field hockey is a really popular game, and is played by both boys and girls with an equal popularity. In field hockey each team plays with ten players and a goalkeeper. The sticks have a round side and a flat side, but only the flat side is allowed to be used for hitting the ball. If the round part of the stick touches the ball, it will result in a penalty. There is a specific stick for the goalkeepers although they can use a regular one if they want to. The specific goalkeeper stick has another curve at the end of the stick for giving them more surface area to save the ball. The uniforms that the players use are shin guards, shoes, shorts for boys and skirts for girls, a mouthguard and a jersey. The goalkeepers wear a more complex uniform that consists of rebound leg guards, a helmet, hotpants, and control kickers.


The ball is similar to a golf ball but a little bigger. The ball can only be raised to the height of the player’s waist. In case the ball goes higher and there are players nearby, it is considered a dangerous game and it counts as a foul. Players are not allowed to touch the ball with any part of the body. Only the goalkeepers can use their whole body to defend. 


When a foul is committed inside the goal area, there is a penalty corner. That means there will be six players defending and one player shoots the ball, although the number of players on the offense depends on the play of the coach. Four people from the defending team stay in the goal until the player shoots, and then they have the right to defend. The rest of the players on both teams stay in the midfield until the player shoots and then they can also go to defend or attack.


A match consists of thirty-five minutes and a half part interval of five minutes. When the game is done the team with more points scored is the winner.