Ms. Ricley


Trinity Quick


Ms. Ricley is a McCook High School graduate of 2012. She graduated from MCC (McCook Community College) where she got her associate degree, and moved on to UNK (the University of Nebraska and Kearny) where she earned her bachelor’s degree in history and secondary education. Ms. Ricley’s reason for becoming a teacher is because of the terrific teachers that she’s had, she stated that she still remembers the years they taught her. She doesn’t only want to be a good teacher, but also wants to be able to encourage students to want to learn about history, geography, traveling, etc. These are her favorite subjects. She teaches social studies for the freshman class and she also teaches American Government, with the senior class for half the semester, after which she switches with Mr. Hasz. She then also teaches the elective current events. Ms. Ricley enjoys teaching social studies nine geography because of her passion for travel. Ms. Ricley’s favorite part of teaching is getting to know the students and working in the great school environment, with all of the activities and things to be involved in. This is her first year teaching by herself but she did student teach in Amherst, outside of Kearny. Outside of the classroom, she is the freshman class sponsor, and would like to help with things like quiz bowl, one act, and journalism. Her favorite out-of-school activities are traveling, trying different foods and drinks, going to museums, hiking, camping, watching movies (ecspecially comedy movies), macrame and just overall being outside. She loves hanging out with her fiance and dog. Her favorite place that she has been to is Italy but in May she is going to Mexico. She also has plans to go to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.