Mr. Behrends, Science


Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

As another year starts at Alliance High School, we are welcoming a lot of new teachers onto our faculty;  one of which is Mr. Behrends. He teaches Physical Science, Physics and a section of ACT prep. He went to College at Eastern Oregon State, then he moved to Nebraska and finished college at Chadron State. He started in an engineering major,but when he moved colleges he changed majors. He flipped to education with endorsements in music and physics. When He moved to Chadron State college 

He has only lived in Alliance for two months.  Mr. Behrends has been teaching for almost 24 years. “I  started in the fall of 97,” he stated.  His favorite thing about teaching is when a student finally understands, “That AHA! Moment when they finally get it” as he stated. He loves having a part in his students’ academic achievements.  He is most excited about teaching something new, and working on being a better teacher, to improve his craft as an educator.  His least favorite thing about teaching is when kids aren’t motivated. He wants to help everyone to succeed and when they aren’t motivated it’s harder for them to reach their goals

When he is not working, he is either gaming or spending time with family. One of the reasons he moved back is to be closer to where his daughter is going to college.  He can’t wait to start this new journey and  help many more students reach their goals!  The SPUD welcomes Mr Brehrends to Alliance High School and wishes him luck!