Mr. Shade: Science


Tatum Bossell, Staff Writer

Many new teachers have recently joined AHS. One of the new staff members, Mr. Shade, has loved his experience at Alliance High School so far. Shade is currently teaching three classes: chemistry, anatomy and physiology. Shade’s favorite subjects to teach are anatomy and physics. He loves the classes because they are smaller compared to the classes he used to teach. In addition, they have more advanced students and subjects which makes it more exciting to teach.
According to Shade, he has many years of experience. It is currently his ninth year teaching. He went to Ray High school in Ray Colorado and graduated there. Shade commented that he had studied earth science and geology. When asked what his favorite subject was to study, he replied “Earth Science. My main background was geological areas and things like that.”
He enjoys many things about teaching. He stated, “Opportunities to work with students are kind of limited in real life. You usually have to have a degree. I like the job because it’s challenging, and working with the people is challenging. Lots of opportunities for meaningful work”. Shade is excited to teach the upper students and have more in-depth labs. He is most excited because he used to teach lower-level students and the labs and classes were usually too difficult for the younger audiences.
Shade ended up in Alliance because there were many opportunities and he prefers the community in general compared to where he is originally from. Shade explained he gets more freedom at Alliance High School and has chances for advancement within the school. He gets financial opportunities within the community by flipping houses and raising hedgehogs in his free time. His favorite hedgehog is the newest born. This hedgehog has a lion-like mane all around his neck and is vastly fluffy and fat. Because of this, Shade named him Little Lion. The Spud is super excited to welcome Shade to AHS.