How Other Countries Celebrate Christmas

How Other Countries Celebrate Christmas

Ariale Hindman, Staff writer

As you know, Christmas is coming up soon, and people around the world celebrate Christmas differently. The way that people celebrate Christmas could come from their religion, beliefs, or traditions. 

In Greece, the boys often go out singing kalanda, more commonly known as carols, in the streets to celebrate Christmas. They play instruments while they sing. If the boys sing well, they might get either money or food from residents. Another tradition in Greece is that they decorate a wooden bowl with a piece of wire across the rim. Also, a sprig of basil is wrapped around a wooden cross and is hung from the wire. They put water in the bowl to keep the basil alive. They do this tradition to keep bad spirits away.

In Japan, Christmas is not really celebrated because it is not seen as a religious holiday or celebration, so there aren’t many celebrations for the holiday. Christmas in Japan is known more for the spread of happiness. Christmas Eve is celebrated more than Christmas Day because it is considered a romantic day. 

In Mexico, Christmas is celebrated on December 24th rather than the 25th of December. A tradition in Mexico is ‘Los Posadas’, this tradition is part of the Christmas story where Joseph and Mary look for a place to stay. This is a great way to get families together.

Christmas is really festive in India, because the mass numbers of people who are Christians. The Midnight mass is important to Christians and Catholics in India. The whole family walks to the mass, this will lead them to a feast of different food. When the feast is done they give and receive presents from each other. 

In conclusion, countries across the world celebrate Christmas differently. Although countries celebrate differently, traditions are carried down by generations, or they just might even be created. The SPUD wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!