Q1 Video Games


Evelyn Robertson, Staff Editor

Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – 01-23-20

Thia new installment to the Walking Dead games takes place a while since the outbreak. New Orleans is near underwater, and the walkers aren’t backing down. You have to survive, as usual. There is a bit to do while out on the prowl for supplies. Aside from the undead, the living human threat is nearly worse. Everyone’s after the same things you are. If you are lucky enough to make friends, you’re in charge of keeping them alive and well. Will you even make friends, thought? There is always the option to completely obliterate everyone in your path. As with most games, the future revolves around you and your choices. You could make friends, but should you? Saints and Sinners is on VR, so everything is going to be in your face. This game claims to have 15+ hours of content.  Many are wondering how much of that is going to story oriented, thought you’ll have to play to find out!


Playable On: PC


Publisher & Developer: Skydance Interactive


Genre: VR Narrative, Action Adventure, Horror


Journey to the Savage Planet – 01-28-20

In this futuristic game, you are an employee of Kindred Aerospace, the 4th best interstellar exploration company. Dropped into an unknown planet in the faroff reaches of the galaxy, you are tasked with exploration of this planet. You really have no plan, your job having only a vague description “catalog all flora and fauna.” Basically, you have to see if the planet is habitable for human life. Challenges include hostile wildlife and poisonous materials. This sounds like the gameplay will be similar to ARK, with tameable creatures and such.


Playable On: PS4, PC, XBOX ONE


Publisher: 505 Games


Developer: Typhoon Studios


Genre: Action Adventure


Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 03-20-20

New Leaf was released in 2013, so it’s about time for a new Animal Crossing! You move to a deserted island after purchasing a vacation from Tom Nook. You’re in charge here, which means you’ll be doing most of the work building your dream island. Animals will move to your island, as with your towns in the last games. New Horizons is unique with the in-game weather system. The weather and seasons will differ depending on which hemisphere you live in. There is also a new weather type: windy. Perhaps some items will blow around in it. If you remember, this game was to be released in 2019. It was delayed due to not being quite ready yet. As we’ve learned from Sonic 06, it’s best NOT to rush development in any way. It’s a bold step to delay a game, but we hope it’ll be worth it. 


Playable On: Switch


Publisher and Developer: Nintendo


Genre: Social Simulation