A South Africans Journey


Jamie Brooks, Staff Writer

Bare Vorster is from Upingten Northern Cape South Africa. He is on a program with the government so he can work in the United States. Bare and his dad have a ranch in South Africa where they went through an eight-year drought, coming to the United States to work was the easiest way to grow without using the income from South Africa. Bare says, “it is better to live in the United States than South Africa because the crime rate is less.” In South Africa, farming and ranching are completely different. In the ranching part of South Africa, there are only about two cattle feedlots, mainly for show price-wise. South Africa doesn’t have or use the machinery technology that the U.S. uses. They use more of the older tractors and have to do things manually. He has decided to go back and forth between the countries because he has family over there and cattle in South Africa. Bare’s transition from South Africa to the United States was not hard for him because there are a lot of food and drinks that are the same. He also stated that the people are the same. Bare mentioned that he has already been to most places in the United States but he really wants to visit the Grand Canyon. I hope Bare keeps coming back to the United States so I can learn more about South Africa!