Trunk or Treat 2022


Caylee Loomis, Writer

   On October 31, 2022, Alliance Chamber held the 5th annual Trunk or Treat. Many businesses participated in this event sponsoring, the Halloween spirit for many families. Businesses such as Highway 2 Threads, Chamber, Fire Department, Police Department, Shellmadines, and many more.

             The event was held from 3:00 to 5:00, and many parents dressed up their kids and participated in this event themselves. Due to covid 2020, we did not have a Trunk or Treat causing an uproar in the community. Many parents wondered what they would do to keep their children happy and content that Halloween. Many people did not participate in Halloween (2020) for the safety of their children and themselves. I thank the Alliance Chamber for bringing such a fun activity back for many children and families. The outcome was great and many parents loved watching their kids come out and get back into the Halloween spirit.