Old West Band Competition 2021

Tatum Bossell, Staff Writer

On October 16th, 2021, the Alliance High School band attended The Old West Fest Band Competition in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Substitute teacher, Peyton Stoike and helper Jacque Bair, led the band for the day. The band director, Mrs. Mangas, could not make it to the competition due to personal issues.
Sophomore band member, Charlotte Schmidt, said the band did an amazing job playing to their fullest potential and the band sounded outstanding. Schmidt explained she has always loved music so she enjoyed playing with the Alliance band at competition. When asked what inspired her to join, she stated, “what inspired me to play was how big of an impact music has been in my life and band seemed like something I could find myself in”.
Brooklyn Branstiter, one of the drum majors for the Alliance band, stated that she enjoys being able to lead the band and being a drum major. It makes her feel like she is doing something great and being able to lead the band to a superior rating made her feel good. A superior rating is the best rating you can get. A superior rating is also known as a 1 rating. 1 being the best and 5 the worst. When asked what inspired her to try out for drum major, she stated, “I have always wanted to lead the band, but I was too nervous until this year.” Branstiter states that the band listens to her well. “Sometimes the band is super hyper, just because lots of nerves get built up before performances, but once I am able to get their attention they listen to me pretty well.” Branstiter added, “I am super proud of the band and how we have pushed through and done our best at all of our performances despite the conditions we are under.”
Overall, the Alliance band did an amazing job performing and the SPUD is excited to see what else they can bring on for the rest of the year! The band will now begin to prepare for pep band as well as the Christmas concert!