My Passion: Bagels


A bagel is a magical food. It can be eaten so many ways. Smothered in strawberry cream cheese, or the in place of the bread in a sandwich, bagels are the superior food and always will be. This is an unbiased list of the reasons why bagels are the best food to exist.

It’s easy, but classy.

Can you think of a better comfort food? Don’t know what to eat? Eat a bagel. Is it basically toast? Yes. Do you sound fancier? Heck yes. “I had toast for breakfast.” You sound like a child. “I had a bagel with [insert schmear of choice here].” You sound like a sophisticated adult. 

It’s circular with a hole.

It is true that many foods are circular. Cookies, pancakes, waffles and pie are just a few examples. How many foods are circular with a hole? There are a few: donuts, onion rings and bundt cake. But NONE of them are as good or will ever be as good as bagels. You might want to argue with this one. I appreciate the existence of donuts, I really do. But can you smother a donut in delectable strawberry cream cheese? No. I don’t think you can. 

The options are endless

Whether you are craving something savory or sweet, a bagel is a great option for either. If you want a breakfast type of meal, fry and egg and add some cheese and bacon, and BOOM: a delicious breakfast sandwich. Do you want a fancier peanut butter and jelly? Put those toppings on a bagel! Want to enjoy your veggies? Spread some avocado on your bagel and you have a nutritious snack. If you want something more simple, toast a bagel and spread on your favorite cream cheese. With that option, you open a whole new word of options. If you want something sweet and fruity, you can pick strawberry or mixed berry cream cheese. If you would rather have a savory bagel, you can put garden vegetable cream cheese on it. The options for bagel toppings are unlimited.

Those are just some of the reasons why bagels are the best food to exist. Your opinion on bagels may differ from mine, but I hope this list helped you to appreciate bagels a little more.