Christmas Choir Concert


Caylee Loomis, Writer


      December 6 is the day the Alliance High School and Alliance Middle School came together as one choir. The concert consisted of many known songs for the Christmas holiday. The 8th grade performed Holiday Roa, Under Winter Moon, and It Feels New. Followed by Velocity, singing, and dancing to the songs Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You), Carry The Light, and  The Man With The Bag. As the night grew young Kailie Stone performed her solo Winter Wonderland, as the community embraced her singing. 7th Grade prepared themselves for their songs, as they sang the songs, It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas, Once Upon A December, and Cold Snap.


   The night began to go on as AJ Stanec performed his senior solo Burn, Burn, Burn by Zach Bryan. With 6th grade right behind him with the songs, I Feel Like La La La, Snow on Snow, and Someday at Christmas. Harmonics sang, Hear The Sleigh Bells Ring, This Day From Jingle Jangle. Mixed Choir sang Joy To The World and a Very Merry Christmas. As the concert began to end everyone got together including parents, to sing the song Silent Night. A highlight to many people looking to uplift their Christmas spirit. The Christmas concert was a highlight for many. The SPUD would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.