Freshman Class Adjustments


Trinity Quick

With the freshmen class entering high school, they have gone through different transformations. Some of their transformations have been more major while others have been more minor. All freshmen have had to adjust to the size of the new building and the extent of their classes. They have also had to assimilate with upperclassmen and make new friends, some getting to hang out with upperclassmen they were already friends with.

The freshmen class has also had to undergo some changes to work with the fast pace of high school. They have had to go through phases of maturity, learning new schedules to get their work done on time and be able to participate in extracurricular activities. They have all realized that the high school calls for students to work harder to earn good grades to pass the classes and that if they fail they will have to retake them. While in the middle school, the grades they earned did not affect their ability to move on to the next grade, and the assignments did not call for as much effort as high school assignments do. 

There was a survey sent out to the 2026 class to see their viewpoints on entering the high school. In the survey, the majority of the freshmen class said that they enjoy being in high school. The students enjoy the freedom they get that was not achievable in the middle school, such as open-campus lunch. Some have also stated that they enjoy being able to see their friends and getting to know new people, but struggle with the way some of the other students act. The freshmen class enjoys the number of different classes and extracurricular activities they can participate in. Some of the students like that there are more mature students and that there are more opportunities for them to grow and mature themselves.