Musical Preview 2022


Morgan Moomey, Co-Editor-in-Chief

April is the beginning of many activities at AHS. Spring sports have started, state-level competitions have begun for our clubs and of course, the AHS musical cast and crew have been working hard for their upcoming performances. This year’s show is The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical. 

This musical tells the story of Percy Jackson, who has just discovered that he is the son of a Greek God, making him a half-blood. He has newly discovered powers that he can’t control and monsters on his trail while on the quest of a lifetime. Percy meets Annabeth Chase, a half-blood like him, and Grover Underwood, a satyr (half-goat, half-man) at Camp Half-blood, the summer camp for demi-gods. It is here that he learns that, somehow, preventing a war between the gods is up to him. Is Percy successful? Who’s the lightning thief? Everyone will have to come out to the show to find out! 

The role of Percy Jackson is played by senior Mikayla Seebohm. Grover Underwood is played by senior Julia Wilson. Mr. Brunner/Chiron/Kurt Cobain is played by junior, Evan Hadden. Mrs. Dodds/Ares is played by sophomore Carlie Schneider. Sally Jackson is played by junior Annaka Digmann. Annabeth Chase is played by senior McKenna Ruffing. Luke Castellan is played by senior Gabe Sanders. Clarisse La Rue is played by senior Kasey Jensen. Dionysus is played by senior Chloe Mann. Silena Beauregard is played by exchange student Annika Fuchs. Katie Gardner is played by junior Kailie Stone. Charon is played by sophomore Sonya (Lucy) Behrends. The Oracle/Thalia Grace is played by Ayvrie Waldron. Gabe/Poseidon is played by senior Morgan Moomey. Hades is played by sophomore Angel Trejo. The Minotaur/Aunty Em/Kronos is played by sophomore Matthias Benzel. Bianca/Mozart is played by senior Donna LeMunyan. Janis Joplin is played by freshman Kealee Jelinek. Squirrel/Farmer is played by sophomore Ann Ryan. Members of the cast also sing as the chorus and fill in as extra parts when necessary. 

This year’s crew consists of one freshman, Keera Stanec, three sophomores, Kate Liu, Morgan LeMunyan and Ann Ryan and two seniors, McKenna Ruffing and Meagan Morgan. 

This year, the cast and crew have the privilege of working with three live accompanists for the shows. AHS Science teacher, Mr. Aaron Behrends will be playing the trap set alongside his wife, Mrs. Sara Behrends, who will be playing the piano. Their daughter, Sonya (Lucy) Behrends, will be playing the bass guitar along with her playing her part as Charon. 

The cast and crew are beyond excited to show off all of their hard work.  The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical will be performed on April 7, 8 and 9 at 7 P.M. in the PAC. Come out and “sea” the show!