Evelyn Robertson, Staff Editor

Are you happy with who you see in the mirror?

     A lot of people have depression. A lot of people have anxiety. A lot of people have both. It can be hard for these people to look at themselves and not see something they hate. Sometimes, this leads to an even deeper self loathing and apprehension for any positive development. How can you improve yourself if you see nothing worth improving? One of the main issues here apathy. Apathy leads to lethargy. Lethargy leads to the void of emotion. It is a creature that drags you down, further into your own depths. It’s hard to try to climb out of this when you don’t believe you have any worth. What’s even worse? Doing it to yourself. Children in families dealing with financial struggles may feel that they are more of a hindrance than a help to their parents or siblings. Those too young to get a job cultivate emotions they don’t need to be feeling. Children of rich families don’t see the worth in things, since they’ll get it anyway. Those who are deep thinkers debate over the purpose of their existence in a sea of billions of others. Some people opt to not think about it too much. It’s hard to treat depression and anxiety when there are pretty much as many causes as there are people. Remember, there is always help available. It’s ok to ask someone for help when you think you need it. We have counselors and psychiatrists in this world for a reason.

Where did I start?

I looked a little harder into the mirror. I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.