Many Benefits

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Many Benefits

Brielle Alwin, Staff Writer

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Every year, the Alliance High School choirs and band audition for the surrounding honor choir and bands. This year, many students were selected into each program. Besides getting to attend the events, these honor programs also offer many other opportunities.

This year, the AHS band students had a variety of honor bands to choose from and a wide selection of students were asked to attend them. The honor bands this year were at Kearney, Hastings, Omaha, Chadron, Doane, and Wyoming. The students who were invited to some or all of these honor programs were Rachel Baker, Bryson Chipperfield, Courtney Cox, Bryson Darveau, Aubrey Garrett, Hannah Middleton, Izzy Middleton, Jackson Moomey, Cade Stephenson, Jewelia Taylor, Sydnie Waldron, and Zachary Young

For choir, there are just as many honor programs available. The honor choirs that students were accepted into this year were at Kearney, Hasting, Chadron, and Doane. Brielle Alwin, Tristan Bleisch, Mareesa Buskirk, Caleb Garcia, Aubrey Garrett, Liz Garza, Kat Kuzmic, Jayden Moomey, and Stephen Reid were asked to attend these honor choirs.

Honor programs not only allow you to experience an amazing learning opportunity, but also can help with future college plans. Students who are accepted into honor bands are also rewarded with lettering points. Honor programs help win scholarships, and enhance resumes.

Attending honor programs give students a free college visit in which they are exposed to collegiate music departments. The choirs and bands are also introduced to the directors of each department. This gives students the opportunity to ask as many questions they have about that specific college and/or the music program. While there, participants also make connections and friendships with students from other schools who have the same interests.

Honor bands and choirs are a great bonding and learning experience for high school students. Being immersed and surrounded by students who have the same goal as yourself helps make the experience just that much better. Not only do these programs teach you all about band and choir, they also help students futures, as well as scholarships, letters, and resumes.

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