Is Summer Necessary?


Kathleen Kuzmic, Staff Writer

For centuries, summer vacation has been an exciting tradition for American schoolchildren. School is out for a total of three months, which enables students to relax and have fun during the warm season. Although this may seem to be a great time of the year for the youth, the lack of school during the summer may have major consequences.

According to, a site that shares critical facts that “everyone should know” on disadvantages and advantages of summer, new research has shown that the practice of summer vacation may not always be the best when it comes to helping students receive the most out of their educational experiences. In fact, in many cases, a few months off in the summer has been proven to cause significant setbacks in school, including loss of knowledge and lowered test scores. So the main question is: should extended summer vacations be a thing of the past for modern students?

One of the largest benefits of having a summer vacation is that both students and teachers are freed of their daily eight hour lessons. For the most part, students are under great pressure to complete their given homework, to study and prepare for quizzes and tests, and to finish any other assignments necessary for passing the classes. This situation can be tiring, so it’s rather natural for students to demand a break. Periodic vacation allows students to get away from ‘school life’ and get the relaxation they deserve.

While the few months of rest and relaxation may seem helpful, research has shown that students actually lose a significant amount of knowledge throughout the summer, and need to be retaught certain material over again. Standardized test scores are usually lower at the end of summer vacation than they were at the beginning.

Despite the fact that learning is reduced in the summertime, summer vacation gives students the chance to experience trips and other activities with their friends and family they normally wouldn’t be able to in the middle of the school year. Released from stress and schoolwork, students can make memories and enjoy their visits at extraordinary places all while learning new and different things.

Both good and bad points come out in having a summer vacation; however, I believe summer vacation is essential for allowing students to rest from their academics. So whether you believe students should be given the opportunity to take a break in the summer or not, students are receiving their vacation and hopefully this will be a good one!