Everything, Everything By: Nichola Yoon

Tilie Vaughn, Staff Writer

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If you knew falling love could kill you, would you still take the risk just to be able to experience it one time? What if that meant leaving something safe behind? That’s the situation for 18 year old Madeline Whittier, the main character in Nichola Yoon’s novel Everything Everything. In the novel, Madeline has been diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency or SCID, most commonly known as “bubble baby disease.”

Madeline has never been exposed to the outside world. She has been trapped, living inside a spotless, decontaminated house in Los Angeles. The only people she ever has contact with is her mom, her nurse, Carla, and her virtual friends. She has never seen anything more than the white walls surrounding her and believes she is content with it. However, everything changes when the rumbling and steady beeping of a moving truck sounds beyond her door, and suddenly, there’s a boy to marvel over. This boy wears all black and has a window that looks directly onto Madeline’s.

Madeline instantly becomes interested in finding out more about him. She watches him from afar and learns as much as she can. The two exchange emails and their relationship grows into a unforgettable love story that comes with crushing consequences.

This book contains unpredictable moments filled with twist that leaves the audience wanting more. “ I almost feel like the book needs an epilogue,” said Peyton Stokie after reading the novel. The story told in 3rd person take a fast paced turn when personalized drawings and little sections for Madeline start to appear more in the book.

A story full of passion, pain, and twists that has everyone high in anticipation for the movie, which is scheduled to hit the big screen on May 19, 2017. Through the book, Olly gives Madeline his email to develop an online relationship; however, in the trailer, it is clear he instead give her his phone number. Whether the movie will live up to the expectations of those who have read the book is up for question.“ I don’t think the movie will live up to the book just because there are so many small details in the story that can only be said threw words,” Aubri Lawrence said. Overall the book left me wanting more and in high anticipation for the movie. I highly recommend this book so you can see for yourself this unforgettable love story.

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