Return of the Dawg Pound


Tucker Hill, Staff Writer

School has started up again. For most student athletes, their excitement revolves around sports. Not just the athletes are exited though. With last year’s renewal of the old Bulldog tradition, the Dawg Pound, lots of the student body are very excited to go to games just to be apart of the student section. It has been a big hit at AHS. Students and teachers have all given very positive feedback to what the Dawg Pound does. “I think it is really cool. I love how it isn’t like other schools. It is almost like a club and people that aren’t involved in the game that is going on, they still feel like they are apart of it. It is just as important as the athletes are,” said Madison Reiber. She also said, “I think it helps a ton! I know other schools are scared to come to the Dawg Pound not because they cheer negatively at the other team, but it would be a hard atmosphere to play in when a huge student section is cheering so loudly for the other team, especially in volleyball where it is such a mental game. When the Dawg Pound is loud and supportive, we play better and have a lot more fun!”

The Dawg Pound is a senior lead leadership group that is involved with the whole school. The purpose of the Dawg Pound is to spread positivity. There are ten seniors, or Alpha Dawgs, who are leading the Dawg Pound. The ten this year are Tucker Hill, Anthony Hare, Morgan Johnston, Molly Oligmueller, Michael Gomez, Samantha Vermillion, Madison Hawk, Keegan Barker, Cody Henderson, and Karli Faritor. The junior members of the Dawg Pound, Pound Puppies, are Tyler Adamson, Erica Escamilla, Trevor Ridenour, Anna Adam, Lane Lauder, Isabella Jaramillo, McKenna Romick, Kyle King, Trajan Garcia, and Rey Valdez . The Pound Puppies are juniors that the Alpha Dawgs brought into the Dawg Pound to lead it next year when the seniors are gone. Mrs. Digman and Mr. Bailey are in charge of the Dawg Pound this year. Mrs. Digman and Mrs. Graham originally started it back up last year, but now that Mrs. Graham is no longer teaching at AHS, Mr. Bailey, our new athletic director, has stepped up to the position.

The Dawg Pound has already made a very positive start on the year. Attending both the home volleyball and football game, the atmosphere was awesome. Some members even made it to the first volleyball game for the Bulldogs in Scottsbluff. Taking the win against Scottsbluff was even more of a plus for the volleyball team and the Dawg Pound. Let’s keep the positivity up and have a great year! Go Bulldogs!