Cinzetti’s – The Italian Restaurant of Your Dreams


Karly Wangler, Staff Writer

Are you ever in the mood for some mouth-watering Italian food? Do you ever have a hunger for it that is so strong you feel like you could eat until you explode? Cinzetti’s is the place for you! It is an all-you-can-eat Italian restaurant. They have every dish you can think of. From pasta, to pizza, to salad, to soup and even a dessert stand. It is the perfect restaurant that you can only find in your dreams.

Their options include parmesan, rotisserie, tavola calda, salad/antipasto, marchetta, the pizzeria, fresh made pasta and the dessert station. Some of my personal favorites are eggplant parmesan, Italian sausage, peppers & onions, zucchini fritti, Caesar salad, minestrone zuppa, margherita pizza and fettuccine alfredo & broccoli. There are over 60 different types of food to choose from. Once you have stuffed yourself on appetizers and entrees, then comes Cinzetti’s famous dessert.

The dessert station is the best part! It has every Italian dessert you can think of, plus more. They even have dishes you probably have not heard of. It consists of made-to-order crepes, budino di pane (bread pudding), raspberry crostata, cioccolato amore, frutta del sole, fresh cannoli, piccolo pasticceria, apple crisp, strawberry & peach crisp and 16 flavors of ice cream! It is the place that makes your food-craving dreams a reality.

Not only do they present you with the most delicious food, but they also make you feel like you are in Italy. The building is designed architecturally the same way a building in Europe would be designed. The ceiling has fancy designs, the walls are made of different materials and the floor is a beautiful marble. If you want your little taste of Italy, literally and figuratively, Cinzetti’s is where you should go.

Once you have eaten to the point where you can no longer stand, it is time to say goodbye to the restaurant. Your dream may be over that day, but you can relive it all over again next time. Thank you Cinzetti’s for making our food-driven dreams come true!