Overpriced Makeup: Is it worth it?


Mareesa Buskirk, Staff Writer

You may have seen the prices of makeup in local stores, such as Kmart or Dollar General, but have you seen the prices in makeup retail stores, like Sephora or Ulta? Many brands of makeup overprice their products, simply because people are willing to spend the money on makeup.

Is it worth it to buy overpriced makeup? It may seem worth it, if you are very interested in makeup and care about what you are putting onto your skin. Makeup that seems to be overpriced usually has healthier ingredients in the product itself, which makes the quality better.  The prices of makeup are between twenty dollars to over one hundred. Makeup palettes in Sephora range from $2 to $239

Many believe that the more you pay, the better the quality of the product. Kylie Jenner recently came out with a new makeup brush set. Her customers rave over all of her products, and her prices have been quite reasonable, until her brushes came out. The prices of her brushes are an unbelievable price of  $360 for a set of 16 brushes. This seems to be ridiculous, but many are willing to pay the price.

Morphe Brushes are another brand of makeup that do not charge as much for their makeup, but the makeup is still pricey. Makeup palettes range from $15  to $38. A very popular brush set called “The Gilded Set” is $184 for 23 brushes, which seems a bit more reasonable than what Kylie Jenner is asking her customers to pay. With that, there are more brushes in The Gilded Set than there is in Kylie’s set. Along with this, Morphe has many other brush sets that are even cheaper. The brushes are quality, and have great reviews.

Kylie Jenner has also come out with many eyeshadow palettes in the past, and most of them are around 40 dollars, compared to Morphe Brushes, who sell their palettes for around ten dollars cheaper, and contain more colors in them!

Makeup and makeup brushes can be very expensive. The real questions is, do you believe in spending money on makeup? Makeup isn’t a priority for many, but for few, it is. Spending money on makeup isn’t relevant in some lives, and it surely isn’t needed. You can get all of the same things for all different prices, as long as you aren’t looking for quality. The quality of makeup that you buy from Sephora is usually better, the eyeshadows are more pigmented and vibrant. The makeup will last longer, and that is the reason why you are paying more. You are generally just getting what you have paid for.  Makeup is just simply overpriced, and if you are willing to spend your money, do as you please.