How much posting is too much posting?


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Allexis Rolstad, Staff Writer

Again and again, I hear my friends complaining about other people posting way too much on their social media accounts like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Popular opinion is that people spend too much of their time posting about having fun. Are they actually having fun or are they just trying to look cool to their social media friends? I can relate because I am also someone who is guilty of this sometimes. It may be true to an extent, but there is also nothing wrong with taking photos and videos to save the memories for the future. So when do you know how much posting is too much posting?  

Apparently, there is a line that can be crossed between posting too much and just letting everyone know that you’re having a good time, but is it really necessary to let everyone know what you ate for dinner? A Pew Research study that was done in 2013 found that one reason behind Facebook users disliking posts is because of oversharing. If you post too much, people are less likely to want to look at your posts.

Quality over quantity is definitely true when it comes to social media. No one really cares how much you post, but they care about how you’ve made them feel. If they feel as if you are just looking for attention; they won’t want to give you attention. If you ask many students at Alliance High School what they think of oversharing on social media, most will say that it’s annoying and a drag for attention. As Lydia Hauger, a freshman, says, “just live your life in the moment, man”.