Are you an adult or are you just grownup?

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Are you an adult or are you just grownup?

Sharia Williamson, Staff Writer

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What is growing up? Is it being able to drive yourself places? Getting a job? Taking responsibility of any situation that comes your way? Or is it reaching the lucky age of 18? As a sophomore in high school who is just about to take my first step to adulthood by turning 16, I’ve found myself wondering, “What is it like to be an adult?”

What does it feel like to pay bills, run your own life, do what you want when you want, or being able to go to work everyday and not have to worry about going school? Like myself, most young people have asked themselves these questions. The question stands, what does being an adult mean and when are you considered an adult?

In the state of Nebraska, you are considered a legal adult at the age of 19, while in other states, with an exception of a few; you only have to be 18. When you become a legal adult, you can have your own house or car fully under your name, you can provide for yourself and held responsible for any other adult task.

It is considered a big deal nowadays when you turn 16. Turning 16 means you can legally drive yourself. From personal experience with other 16 year olds, I have seen that some consider it a way to escape from their family and finally have some freedom. I am equally excited about being able to drive anywhere and everywhere, owning my own car and being able to ride around with my friends, but some people may take it too far. Some may consider themselves fully grown as soon as they first drive themselves, as they can now control where they can go.

What about having a job part time as you go to school? Does having that extra responsibility on top of school make you an adult? You now have one more thing to think about and one more thing that you have to keep up with while you take care of all your school tasks. What if you are a 16 year old, who has a car, a part time job, and goes to school for 8 hours 5 times a week? Are you an adult then?

Being an “adult” is one thing, but what about being grownup for your age. I consider myself grownup for my age, but far from being an adult. I go to school 5 days out of a week, I have had a job for almost 2 years, and I have bought my own car. I can partially take care of myself and soon I will be able to drive myself to school and work, but I am still far from being able to support myself completely.

My mother, and grandmother have done a lot to help me grow up and to learn how to take care of myself, but without them, I would not be as responsible of a person as I am today. They have motivated me in so many ways, like many other parents have done and hopefully will continue to do with their kids.

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