Syrian Refugee Crisis?

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Syrian Refugee Crisis?

Sharia Williamson, Staff Writer

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The recent terrorist attacks began on November the 13th, which also happened to be Friday the 13th. The attacks on France, Baghdad, and Beirut have caused the Syrian refugees to attempt to flee Syria and to enter other countries. Many people say that the U.S. should allow the refugees to enter our country for protection and shelter, but others disagree.

There are many reasons for letting the refugees in and/or keeping them out. Some of the people who agree with the idea of letting them in, say, “What if that was your family trapped in Syria? What if your family was innocent and nobody would help?” I know you would hope that other countries would allow your family to leave Syria and enter another country, but you have to expect setbacks.

Others, who are against allowing new refugees in to the country, have their reasons. Many people have either said or wrote, “If we let refugees in, that makes it that much easier for ISIS terrorists to get into the country. For all we know a terrorist could be walking down our sidewalk, they could be in the school our kids go to, they could be people we interact with everyday.”

In my opinion, I absolutely understand that if it was my family, I would want them out of Syria and I would do anything to get them out. However, Ii we start allowing refugees in, that is just asking for terrorists to enter the country. ISIS has already caused enough damage in the world; they have bombed France killing 129 innocent people. In Baghdad they bombed a funeral, and in Beirut there were suicide bombers that killed 43 people, leaving the bodies and blood of the deceased sprawled about. ISIS has recently revealed their kill list for the United States of America, and they have already killed an estimated amount of 170,000 people within their short time of uprising.

The refugees, who have managed to flee the country like Ghussoun al Hasan and a family of 4 including Radwan Mughrbel, his wife, Sanaa Hammadeh, and their two young sons, have something to say about how grateful they are that they were able to leave a few years ago when they did.

Ghussoun al Hasan says, “It was in front of my eyes. I saw what happened. There were peaceful demonstrations. And then the army came and killed the people. And it happened to my family, not just strangers—” She paused during the interview as her eyes started to tear up and she continued, “I had a 27-year-old brother. He was photographing the protest and downloading it to YouTube. People were filming the army with their phones until…they killed him.,” she repeated. “They killed him…after that, we didn’t go outside.” Radwan Mughrbel, the father from the family of 4 had said, “America. They brought us here, and I feel safe, like nothing bad can happen to us. Now we have a beautiful life.” Both families live in Michigan and have decided to speak out about their experiences. So far over 200,000 Syrians have been killed during the Syrian Civil War, but some have managed to take refuge in other countries before the recent attacks. Families like these are the ones who deserve to leave the country, no question, but can we sacrifice that chance of allowing more terrorists inside our country than what are already here?

So far 25 states including, Michigan, Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Idaho, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Georgia, Maine, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina and Iowa have said they will take no refugees. Are we, as a country, making the right choice or will we regret our final decision in the end?


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