Veteran’s Day at AHS!


Katelyn Heisler, Staff Writer

Veteran’s Day at Alliance’s High School gets better every year! As you may well know, every year on Veteran’s Day AHS hosts an assembly to honor our dead and alive veterans. However, as we do honor all veterans we host this assembly to mainly focus on the ones from our beloved small town. This year, Mr. Hasz, fellow history teacher at Alliance High School and veteran, asked the students if they had any veterans of their own family that they would love to honor. He asked the students and they indeed did deliver. The presentation was spectacular! He said it himself “I love the History and feeling I get from these photos.” The AHS faculty couldn’t agree more! Thank you Hasz for the incredible slideshow you put together for us and the community! Happy Veteran’s Day to the wonderful veterans, alive and passed, thank you for your service!